About VermilyaNotes

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following my blog. There is much to understand in these relentless times.  My first blog banner read, “Curious in a raw world.” Today, paradoxes explode like fireworks.  Old misbehaviors are reappearing, viciousness seems rampant. These challenges have always been with us, but they seem furious and swarming now.

This is a potent time, fertile with possibility. Some of us get sunk in despair, some are called out of complacency; others are sharpening their thinking, locating the best spaces for resistance and creation.

We must find ways to stay in the fray.

And magnificent thinkers are emerging. They are re-seeing old devils, revising justice.  Their new ideas promise redemption. I have found hope in this new writing, possibilities of a future perhaps even more expansive and embracing than I might have imagined before this latest springing open of Pandora’s box.

Ideas, both old and new, are crucial, especially to resist utter depression. They inform our everyday actions in the service of liberation.  But not everyone can take them all in. You are busy in your own work – on the streets, in prisons, in classrooms, in families.  Part of my work, it seems, is to observe, be curious, and read, to take in ideas about race, class, gender and justice and share what I find.

I will keep reading, and I’ll share what I learn here. To make this work, to spread these powerful ideas as far as they can go, I’ll need your help. Please share this blog widely, tell your friends, family and colleagues.

The challenges swarm, and our magnificent responses will guide and sustain us. I know this work will never be done—so let’s resist, persist, and flourish in our curiosity and endeavor in the possibilities. Let’s keep one another company in the pursuit.

  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Yeah for you for doing this.

  2. Great, especially since we live so far away.

  3. Congrats! The site looks great. I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Just read your piece about Female Chauvinist Pigs. You raise important, sensitive and essential thinking. We all need deeper understanding about the body, spirit and connections to other humans. I worry that we have become a culture that does not allow us time for “thinking, feeling and being”. Instead of holding hands and going for a walk we text…”what’s for dinner?” and spend that time eating it alone.
    If we give each other (young or old) room for thought I believe we will overcome some of the current trends.
    Your writing is Inspiring ! Thank you.

  5. I am so loving this!! What a great idea!! Go Shelley Go!!

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