About Shelley Vermilya

About Shelley Vermilya

Shelley Vermilya, Ed.D

Shelley Vermilya is a progressive educator who adores creating new knowledge with all kinds of learners. She has many interests, including flamingos, extreme gardening, reading voraciously, and walking her friendly labradoodle, Izze and go/lab/doodle, Thelonious. She lives in Plainfield, Vermont with her partner and two children.

Shelley is a Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Liberatory Innovation, currently serving as Equity Scholar in Residence (ESR) at U32 Middle-High School in Montpelier, Vermont as part of an ILI pilot project to develop and evaluate the Equity Scholar in Residence model.  She served on the faculty at Goddard College for 22 years, where she directed the Women’s Center, founded the LGBTQ Center, and was part of the leadership of the low-residency undergraduate program.  She currently teaches for the Gender Studies Department at St. Michael’s College.

Shelley holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Vermont, and an MA in Women’s History from Goddard College.

Shelley can be reached at vermilya01@gmail.com

  1. Rock on sista womyn:)

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